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Remember Someone Special

Most couples want all their nearest and dearest to be present at thier wedding but sadly this can’t always happen if a loved one has passed away.
I have put together 10 meaningful ways you can remember, acknowledge and honour your loved ones who are no longer with us.

Wedding Time Capsule

You might not be able to wrap love in a box, but you can certainly capture the essence of your relationship and your wedding day by creating a marriage time capsule. I have included 2 great ways to create your own personal time capsule.

Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

You may not mind if your guests whip out thier phones to take photos during your ceremony, but if this paparazzi style of photography isn’t what you want then you need to “Unplug” your ceremony.
I have listed 10 ways to ask your guests to put away thier mobile devices so you can have an “Unplugged Ceremony”.

Ceremony Music

Couples are selecting their own personal style of music for the wedding ceremony to reflect their personalities and to set the tone for the entire day.
Here, are 6 different music genres with 20 ideas in each to help you select the music that is best for your ceremony.

Wedding Rose Ceremony

For generations, red roses have captured the minds and hearts of lovers around the world. The red rose is the most given flower to celebrate a romantic occasion as it symbolises passion, true love, romance, and desire. So exchanging a red rose as your first gift to one another during your ceremony after you become a married couple, is the perfect way to say “I love you”.
Find out how to include a rose ritual at your wedding ceremony.