Rosie & Adam’s Zoo Wedding

African Wedding Experience at the Dubbo Zoo

What better location than the Toronga Dubbo Zoo for two animal lovers to have their wedding. This unique and exotic venue created an extraordinary setting for Rosie and Adam to get married.

With giraffes, rhinos, zebra, and antelope as the picturesque backdrop for the ceremony, the African Savannah plains was the perfect landscape for Rosie and Adam to exchange their “I do’s.

After the ceremony, Rosie and Adam along with their bridal party were chauffeur driven in Zoo electric carts for a photography session around the Dubbo Zoo grounds.

Rosie and Adam then turned on an ultimate reception for their family and friends at the Savannah Function Centre, which boasts floor to ceiling windows that showcase the surrounding landscape.

Every little detail of this Dubbo Zoo wedding was unforgettable and created an experience that everyone included in this special day will cherish for a lifetime.

Rosie and Adam took their Dubbo Zoo experience and made a truly memorable wedding.

Rosie our bride has shared her wedding day story and some of the photos her photographer Caziel Creative captured of this unique day. Get ready to be inspired for your own Dubbo Zoo wedding!

at the Dubbo Zoo
Rosie & Adam’s Wedding Story
The Wedding Photographer
The Wedding Location
Dubbo Zoo Wedding Cazeil Creative
The Brides Look

I loved my dress because it was super comfy and I really like Disney and the glitter that was added was actually made by Disney.

The Grooms Look

The look for Adam was to go nicely with our theme colour rose gold, therefore we chose the navy. It also looks really handsome.

Bridal Party Fashion

The bridal party dresses were chosen to ensure that they felt comfy on the day and the rose gold because it’s such a pretty colour.

The Theme and Wedding Decor

The theme of the wedding was kind of random. It was rose gold but with touches of Disney around. We had bouquets made out of books that were part Disney and rose gold. They were used as the center pieces on the tables.

The Ceremony

The ceremony was AMAZING! We chose Dubbo zoo so we could involve animals as we both work with them and have a ton of pets. Our actual ceremony location was in front of the savannah, there were giraffes, rhino, and zebras right behind us. It was so unique and special.

The Importance Of A Good Celebrant

Having a good celebrant is so so so important. Tanya was incredible from the moment I met her. She helped me all the way through the planning and was so organised with ensuring our ceremony ran smoothly. On the rehearsal day, she was also so great at keeping everyone in line and making sure that the wedding day was going to run smoothly!!

Personalising The Wedding

We added a little personal touch to the wedding day by getting our friends to make all the candles for the girls with their names on them as their placement tag. Everyone loved it.

The Couple’s Favourite Moment

It is so hard to pick a favourite moment from the day, it was all so amazing!! I wouldn’t change one thing about it.

Unexpected Hiccups

The only unexpected thing that happened was that the bridesmaid dress wasn’t stitched up properly from the seamstress, so I had to get my aunty to fix it asap. But it all worked out perfectly.

Your Wedding Day Advice

My advice would be to seriously just relax and have the best time. It takes so much to plan it and seeing it all come together is incredible.

Weddings at the Taronga Dubbo Zoo

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