Master of ceremonies, the best wedding reception you’ll love

The Master of Ceremonies (MC) at a wedding reception goes beyond introducing speeches. They assist in crafting a reception that mirrors your desired atmosphere. Collaborating with you, they create a tailored run sheet that captures the essence you want.

During the event, the MC assumes the role of host and coordinator, ensuring seamless execution. They manage all aspects and troubleshoot any issues. Serving as your representative, they handle unexpected situations.

Shoe reception game with Tanya McDonald MC
Shoe Wedding Game at Tayla and Josh Eugowra NSW with Tanya McDonald MC
Why have a professional Master of Ceremonies?

Enlisting a professional Master of Ceremonies for your wedding reception relieves a friend or family member from the duty. This expert ensures the seamless flow of your special day.

If you choose me as your Master of Ceremonies, I’ll collaborate with you to create a comprehensive run sheet that ensures your evening aligns with your vision.

On the big day, you can unwind, enjoy, and celebrate with loved ones, confident that your reception is being skilfully managed by an experienced professional.

Alternatives to the Bouquet & Garter Toss
What to expect from me as your professional Master of Ceremonies.
  • Collaborate on crafting a reception program featuring a mix of traditional and innovative activities and games.
  • Develop a comprehensive run sheet detailing event elements and timings.
  • Coordinate with reception service providers like DJs, bands, photographers, and venue managers on the event day.
  • Facilitate smooth food and drink service coordination with the venue manager.
  • Ensure adherence to the schedule.
  • Coordinate and announce your entrance as well as that of the wedding party.
  • Prioritize your comfort and needs throughout the event.
  • Act as a reliable point of contact for you and your guests.
  • Mediate any unforeseen inconveniences or distractions.
  • Introduce and assist speech givers, offering speech advice beforehand.
  • Introduce traditional moments like cake cutting and bouquet tossing.
  • Announce the commencement of the first dance.
  • Maintain punctuality throughout the event.
  • Organise your farewell as the event concludes.
Michelle and Scott's wedding BoxGrove with Tanya McDonald Marriage Celebrant - Matthew Harper Photography
Michelle and Scott's wedding BoxGrove with Tanya McDonald Marriage Celebrant - Matthew Harper Photography

Contact me to discuss your wedding reception and me being your master of ceremonies.

Tanya McDonald Wedding Reception Master of Ceremonies

Photographer – Matthew Harper Photography

Photographer – The Nomad Collective

AboutTanya McDonald
With a decade in the wedding industry and a love for weddings, I'm here to guide your journey to the altar. No matter your vision, I'll assist in creating an extraordinary day. Reach out, and let's work together for an unforgettable wedding. From the moment you entrust me as your celebrant and/or master of ceremonies, my dedication is to stand by your side at every juncture. My aim is to ensure that your journey towards your special day is adorned with cherished moments and positive encounters, culminating in a wedding day that remains etched in your memory for all the right reasons.