Surprise Wedding

Why have a surprise wedding

Surprise weddings are becoming more popular for many reasons but primarily because couples find them more fun, less stressful, and less expensive than a traditional wedding.

Pros of a surprise wedding

You won’t have to please anyone else.

A traditional wedding usually comes with loving family and friends offering advice and suggestions. Having a surprise wedding means most of your guests won’t know it’s your wedding so you can control and organise your special day just the way you want. And it’s less likely feelings will be hurt.

There’s less pressure to make it formal.

Weddings can come with an expectation for finery and formality. With a surprise wedding, people are not expecting your event to be a wedding so there won’t be any pre-conceived ideas of what it should look like.

You’ll save some money.

Weddings can be very expensive. Not having all the bells and whistles of a traditional wedding included in your surprise wedding can be a huge money saver.

It’s a unique way of having a wedding. 

Surprise weddings are not a new trend, but they’re still uncommon enough to be a novelty. So having a surprise wedding is guaranteed to give you a wedding nobody will forget. It’s a great way to stand out from the traditional wedding and make your wedding day special for even more reasons.

The atmosphere is fantastic

When you reveal to your guests that they have been invited to your wedding it will bring a whole new level of excitement amongst your family and friends.

You can keep your number lower

If you are wanting to have a smaller number of guests at your wedding then a surprise wedding is great. People’s feelings are less likely to be hurt if they didn’t know it’s a wedding they haven’t been invited to.

Cons of a surprise wedding

You might not get gifts.

If you are disguising your wedding as a party or event then you are more likely to get personal gifts rather than traditional wedding gifts.

It’s hard to have any prewedding parties.

A wedding is not just one day it is also the excitement and events that lead up to your special day. If you are having a surprise wedding then some of these pre-wedding events won’t be able to happen.

Some of your friends and relatives might not get it.

With work and daily life responsibilities sometimes it’s hard for family and friends to arrange to get to a party. So if you are having a surprise wedding disguised as a party the special people you want to attend may not be able to arrange things to make your celebration. When the people who can’t attend find out it is your wedding then there may be some hurt feelings.

You cant discuss your plans with your loved ones

One of the wonderful things about planning a wedding is sharing it with the people who are special in your life. If you have a surprise wedding you will be compromising the surprise by the more people you share your plans with.

Guest may not turn up on time 

If your guests think they are only coming to an event they may not be concerned about running late. However, if they miss the big reveal of it being your wedding they may be extremely disappointed and bring a negative vibe to your special day.

Top tips for organising a successful surprise wedding

Like the idea of a Surprise Wedding for your Guests? Here are some top tips to make it everything you are imagining.

First and most importantly you will need to contact your celebrant to complete the NOIM. (Please see NOIM Blog for more details on completing the NOIM).


Then it’s time to start planning.

  1. Decide on what event you will use as a cover for your surprise wedding.
  2. Send out the invitations to this event, making sure you include a draw-card time. This will help to get your guests to your event on time.
  3. Make sure you discuss your surprise wedding ideas with all your wedding suppliers. Having everyone on the same page will help make for a successful surprise.
  4. You will require two witnesses to sign the legal documents. It’s always a good idea to give these people a heads up before the event.
  5. Arrange how you would like to have your Big Reveal. This can be great fun so talk to your celebrant about different ideas.
  6. Just because it is a surprise doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate Traditional Elements. Discuss what you want to include with your celebrant and venue.