Blended Love: The Symbolism of Wine in Your Wedding Ceremony

Why choose a Wine Blending Unity Ceremony?

If you’re a wine lover like I am, this wine blending unity ceremony will be a perfect choice for your wedding. Good wine is not only full of flavour it is also full of meaning. It can be sweet, complex, smooth, elegant, satisfying, opulent, refined, structured and so much more. So your ritual meaning can be built around the wine you choose.

A good bottle of wine is also a great way to celebrate. What better day to pop open a couple of your favourite wines, than your wedding day?

So from the words of Plautus, “Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.”

What wine to use?

Usually, to show the blending of two lives into one the wine ceremony is performed with one bottle of red and one of white. However, as with all unity rituals, this one can be personalised to suit each couple. So you can choose the wines you love or that have special meaning to you. You may have enjoyed a bottle of something on your first date or celebrated with one when you got engaged.

Most importantly remember it’s your ritual so make it about you.

Wine ceremony wedding ritual
So do you need to use wine for this ritual?

No, you can use any liquid drink you like.

You may like to drink spirits or even cocktails. Anything can be blended to signify two individuals coming together as one. I would only suggest that you try your mixes before the day to make sure they don’t turn into something strange and undrinkable.

If you don’t drink alcohol then you are still able to have this unity ritual. You could use coloured water, soft drink or juice.

Everything, even water, has a meaning that can be used to structure the significance of the ritual. The options are endless.

Water ceremony wedding ritual
How Does This Ritual Work?

The ritual usually takes place after the “I do’s” and the rings have been exchanged but can also be performed after the signing of the wedding documents.

The couple each pours their bottle of wine into a single glass or carafe.

If one glass is used then the couple both take turns drinking from it.

If a carafe is used then after the wines are mixed the couple then pour the wine into two glasses. The couple then toasts three times. Once for their past, once for their present and once for their future. Then the couple link arms symbolising they’re joining together as one in marriage and take a sip of the wine.

Wine ceremony wedding ritual
Wine ceremony wedding ritual
Want to involve loved ones?

Why not, you can create and perform this ritual any way you like.

You may want to include special people in your life, your immediate family, close friends or your wedding party.

So instead of just poring your wines into one glass or carafe pour them into lots of glasses.

By including your loved ones it can symbolise their support of your union of marriage.

Wine ceremony wedding ritual

Final note

Your celebrant will include some words of significance when you are performing this ritual. You may also like to have someone read a poem about love and the romance of wine.

How you create your wine blending ritual is totally up to you. Just remember to make it about you and have fun.

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