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Marriage Time Capsule

You might not be able to wrap love in a box, but you can certainly capture the essence of your love by creating a marriage time capsule.

I love when couples do a wedding time capsule ritual at thier ceremony. It’s a wonderful way to preserve memories of the ceremony and a great way to keep memorabilia from thier relationship before the marriage and from thier life together after the wedding.

It’s a great treasure box that can be revisited and added to again and again throughout the marriage. It can become your family’s very special heirloom for generations to come.

Selecting Your Time Capsule.

Traditionally a decorative wooden box is used however you can use any container type, that is made from any material. Some options you could choose from are a decorative glass bottle, wooden chest-type box, metal time capsule, or trunk. The choice is totally up to you but you should take into consideration what you will be putting into the box and select one that will best hold your memorabilia.

You can purchase your box or you can make one yourself. If you are not good with tools then maybe you have a family member or friend who would love to have the honour of making the box for you.

Some couples like to decorate the box with thier names or initials, and the date of the wedding engraved on the lid or you may just like to leave the box as is. 

What to put into a time capsule?

There are no limits to what you can add to your time capsule.

You may want to add items from your life together before walking down the aisle. Like ticket stubs, love notes, special cards, a disc of your favorite music, photos, really any items that have meaningful significance to you as a couple. You could also add items from your pre-wedding celebrations.

You may also select to add a bottle of favourate wine or one that has a significant meaning to you both. I suggest selecting a bottle that has some longevity so that it will be enjoyable to drink when you open your time capsule.
If you don’t like wine then maybe you have a favourate spirit you could add.

Some couples ask family and friends to write them a personal letter or note of wishes or advice to add to their time capsule.

Or you may just want to add the love letters you have written to each other especially for your wedding day.

After your wedding day, you may like to add items from your ceremony. Some items you may like to include are a copy of your ceremony, your vows, photos, the wedding invitation, cake topper, flowers or a mixed disc of your ceremony, and reception songs.

What you add to your time capsule is completely up to you. This makes each and every wedding time capsule extremely personal and unique.

Love Letters To Each Other

The love letters are a really important part of the time capsule.

Before the ceremony, the couple both write love letters to each other expressing their feelings as they begin their journey into marriage. In their letters, they should write about the qualities they find in each other and the reasons they fell in love and decided to marry. The couple then seals thier letters in an envelope without showing each other what they have written.

How a Time Capsule Works

During the ceremony, the items you have selected to be included in your time capsule will be on display. Then after the rings have been exchanged, the time capsule ritual will take place.

If you have asked family and or friends to include something in the time capsule they will be asked to come forward and place thier items into the box.

Then you as a couple will add the items you have selected to put into your time capsule, then you will close the lid.

Some couples choose to lock the box whilst others choose to take turns to nail it closed. I have even had one couple use an electric drill to secure the lid. You may also like to just close and not lock the box.

Your marriage time capsule has now been made using your special memories. Your time capsule can now take an honoured position in your home to be a reminder of your wedding day and the intention you both have to love each other through good times and bad. 

Decided On An Open Date

Some couples may choose to open thier time capsule on a special wedding anniversary or on every wedding anniversary.
You may also choose to open your time capsule during your marriage if times are tough to take you back to your wedding day and remind you of all the happiness and love you feel for each other.

It is entirely up to you to decide on when to open your time capsule but don’t wait too long. Whatever date you choose, make it a special occasion marked with love, romance, and passion.

Adding Item’s After the Wedding

Adding new love letters to the time capsule each time you open it is a great way to preserve the history of your love. It will give future generations a look into how your love and marriage changed and evolved over time.

You can also add meaningful memorabilia that celebrate milestones in your marriage.

The Time capsule not only gives you a charming way to store your wedding memorabilia but also allows you to have a visibly constant reminder in your home of the sacred commitment you have made to each other. 

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