Remember Someone Special

Marriage is one of the most important days of your life and a wonderful time to celebrate the union of two lives joining into one. 

Most couples want all their nearest and dearest to be present at this special milestone but sadly this can’t always happen if a loved one or special friend has passed away.

While your ceremony will be full of happiness and celebration, the loss of a loved one can mean feelings of sadness will also play a part. However, there’s no reason why you can’t highlight the part this person has played in you’ve life.

Fortunately, there are many meaningful ways you can acknowledge and honour your loved ones with respect and sensitivity. Just try to focus on the happy, special moments you had with them and what they would enjoy rather than focusing on the fact that they’re gone. 

The way you decide to honour a loved one who’s passed is completely personal. You may want to remember them with a meaningful gesture or a dedicated moment it just needs to feel right.

a list of touching ideas for how to honour and remember them
10 Idea’s To Remember Your Loved Ones

1) Reserved a seat in their honour – this can be done by placing a special remembrance sign on the seat.

2) Place a personal item owned by the person on a seat – this can be anything that was meaningful to the person who has passed.

3) Place a photo on a seat – have that person watching over your special day from a seat assigned for them.

4) Give them a big welcome – honour their memory during the welcoming part of your ceremony.

5) Light a candle – have a candle burning for the duration of the ceremony

6) Have a memory table – you may have more than one person you wish to remember. Having a table gives you a good space to place several items on to honour each loved one who is no longer with us.

7) Add to your bouquet or outfit – attached a photo or an item of significance that belonged to your loved one.

8) Hold your bouquet together with a piece of your loved ones’ clothing.

9) Wear something that reminds you of them – choose sentimental accessories.

10) Hang Wind Chimes at an outside ceremony – each time the wind blows and you hear the soft chime, be reminded that your loved one is with you.

On a day of celebration, our thoughts are with people who are no longer physically with us, but whose gifts of love and compassion over the years will always be cherished and remembered.

Tanya C. McDonald

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AboutTanya McDonald
It goes without saying that being a marriage celebrant is an honour and a privilege. I have loved weddings and what they represent for as long as I can remember. Since becoming a celebrant I am able to fulfill my passion and at the same time treasure each opportunity I have to work with couples to help them bring their dreams and ideas into life through their ceremonies. I have been a fully authorised marriage celebrant since 2014 and I have helped couples enjoy thier journey to the altar since then. If you need a celebrant, I would love to discuss your ceremony with you.