Amazing movie inspired songs for your wedding, you’ll love

Each of us has a favourite movie, one that has left a lasting impression. So, when seeking inspiration for your wedding music, why not turn to a movie that holds personal significance for you?

Numerous movie love scenes are accompanied by music that evokes emotions of love, passion, and romance. These melodies transport us back to those cherished moments, making them an ideal choice for your wedding day.

I’ve curated a collection of 12 songs from movies that could beautifully complement your wedding day.

to use at your wedding ceremony
12 Songs from the Movies
1) All You Need Is Love – Love Actually – Lynden David Hall
2) I Knew I Loved You – Memoirs Of A Geisha – Savage Garden
3) This Never Happened Before – The Lake House – Paul McCartney
4) Love You I Do – Dream Girls – Jennifer Hudson
5) Can’t take my eyes off you – 10 Things I Hate About You ~Frankie Valli
6) Take My Breath Away – Top Gun – Berlin
7) Love Me Like You Do – Fifty Shades of Grey – Ellie Goulding
8) Love You ‘Till the End – PS I LOVE – The Pogues
9) I Love You – in Runaway Bride – Martina McBride
10) Can You Feel The Love Tonight – Lion King – Elton John
11) I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Armageddon – Aerosmith
12) When You Say Nothing At All – Notting Hill – Ronan Keating
Final note.

If there’s a movie you cherish and find yourself watching repeatedly, it’s clear you have a deep affinity for it. Incorporating a song from this movie into your wedding can be a wonderful way to infuse a touch of your personality into the celebration.

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