How best to involve Fur Babies In the wedding

If you’re a pet owner like I am, you don’t think of your animals as just companions, but as very special family members. For many fur-baby parents that are getting married the wedding day wouldn’t feel complete without having their fur-baby included. But how do you incorporate them into your wedding?

There are many ways you can involve your furry companions on your wedding day. Whether they are with you participating in the day or they have been incorporated into the theme. Showing your love for your special four-legged family member can mean a lot to a couple.

Jen and Andrew's wedding ceremony with pets
What To Consider

When considering including your pet on your wedding day don’t forget to take into account their personality and how they behave around people. Pets may be wonderfully placid but put into an unusual environment and the unexpected may happen.

You will also need to check with the location you are holding your wedding at to make sure that pets are allowed on the premises and to ensure the venue is a pet-friendly environment.

Assign A Pet Carer

Assigning someone you trust to look after your fur-baby throughout the celebrations is essential. You want to make sure this person is well known to your pet so that your fur baby is comfortable around them. When choosing this person make sure they don’t already play a major role in the wedding, like a parent or one of the wedding party. These people will be involved in many of the wedding day activities so adding the responsibility of looking after your fur-baby could be a bit much on top of their already busy wedding day schedule.

You also want to make sure this person can transport your fur baby safely and is fully prepared with all the necessary items to care for your pet. If your pet has a carrier or portable pen make sure these are given to your pet carer. Also make sure you give them plenty of food, water container, treats, and doggy poop bags. Although your fur-babies routine may be disrupted by the festivities of the day make sure your pet’s care knows their normal food routine.

The main reason to have someone care for your pet is that it will make having your fur baby involved in your wedding day a special experience rather than a stressful one.

Chloe and James' Wedding with Tanya McDonald Marriage Celebrant - The Nomad Collective
To Involve Your Fur Baby In The Wedding
14 Cute & Special Ideas

So you’ve decided to involve your fur baby on the wedding day. The following are 14 of the cutest and most adorable ideas that will make your four-legged baby shine on the big day. Don’t worry if your animal isn’t a dog or cat, you can have your furry BFF included even if it’s a rabbit, horse, chicken, or even a cow.

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1. Include Them In Your Invitations

Let the love you have for your pets show by featuring them on your save the date or wedding invitations.

2. Pre-Wedding Photos

There are many reasons why it may not be practical for your beloved pet to join you at your formal wedding celebrations. So why not share some time with them before leaving home, capturing these special moments on camera.

3. Incorporate Their Likeness Into Your Outfit.

Sometimes it’s not practical to have your fur baby at the wedding. So why not show your love for them by incorporating their image or likeness into your ensemble. You could do this by adding their image to the dress or veil, putting it onto a pocket square, or by hanging a little photo of them from the bouquet.

dog theme in wedding dress
pre-wedding photo with dog
4. Dress Them Up

Why not dress your fur baby in their own special wedding attire. From a simple bow, flower collar, or ribbon to a frilly dress or tux.  Your fur baby is sure to look the part in their cute wedding outfit.

5. Walk Down The Aisle Together

Being walked down the aisle is a very special moment, so why not have your fur baby do the honour.

6. Give Your Fur Baby Their Own Special Entrance

Have one of your wedding party or parents escort your fur baby down the aisle, giving them their own special entry. You could even add a little sign around their neck announcing your entry.

wedding ceremony with fur baby
7. Have Them As Your Ring Bearer

Why not get your beloved pet to bring you your rings. You may want to keep in mind that unless your pet is extremely well trained it might be a good idea to give them “pretend rings” while the real ones are safely with one of your wedding party.

8. Be Part Of The Wedding Party

A wedding party includes family and friends who have special meaning to you. A fur baby definitely falls into this group so why not include them as part of your wedding team.

Chloe and James' Wedding with Tanya McDonald Marriage Celebrant - The Nomad Collective
9. Take Family Photos

After your ceremony when photos with family and friends are being taken get your fur babies involved in the action.

10. Have Your Pet As A Wedding Guest

Sometimes it’s wonderful for a couple to look at the guests who have joined them for the special day and see their fur baby. Just having their beloved pet at the wedding day may be all the couple needs to feel they are involved.

Jazz and Cam's wedding ceremony with fur baby
Chloe and James' Wedding with Tanya McDonald Marriage Celebrant - The Nomad Collective
Jazz and Cam's wedding ceremony with fur baby
11. Replace Your Bouquet And Carry Your Pet

Why not replace your bouquet and carry your beloved pet in a basket. You could add flowers to the basket or give your fur baby a floral collar. Another option is if your fur baby likes cuddles you could snuggle with them as you walk into your ceremony.

Maybe you have a few pets. Why not replace all the floral bouquets and get your wedding party to carry them.

12. Have Them At The Altar With You

As you exchange you’re “I do’s” have them with you to share in this special moment. You could even include them in your personal vows and promise to continue to love them and give them treaties.

wedding ceremony with fur baby
wedding ceremony with fur baby
Jonathan and Simon Wedding with fur baby
13. Add Them To Your Cake

There are so many wonderful ways you can incorporate your beloved pet into your wedding cake. You could custom couple figurines in their image, add them as a figure, or include them in a personalised cake topper. You could even do a special cake just for them.

14. As A Photobooth Prop

Photobooths have become a popular activity at wedding receptions, so coming up with new ideas to make yours a little different can be challenging. If you have a pet that likes to have cuddles and doesn’t mind being handled then maybe include them on your special day as a prop for your photo booth. If your fur baby is anything like my pup who can’t get enough hugs, your pet will love this idea.

Dog on wedding cake
Dog photo booth prop

It doesn’t matter how you decide to incorporate your beloved pet into your wedding day. You will have beautiful memories involving them on your wedding day that will last forever.

wedding ceremony with fur baby
Jazz and Cam's wedding ceremony with fur baby
wedding ceremony with fur baby

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