Make Your Wedding Reception Memorable: 5 Games Guests Will Love

So you’re planning your wedding reception and you want the event to be one all your guests will remember for being fantastic fun. But you’re worried. You’ve got friends and family who have never met and you don’t know how you are going to get them talking.

Great Wedding Games are the answer.

I have listed 5 of the best fun guest wedding games that will help break the ice and get your family and friends connecting.

to connect your guests
5 of the best wedding games
1) I Spy Wedding Game
Send your guests on a digital scavenger hunt by creating a list of wedding moments for them to capture with their mobiles. Your list can be made up of whatever shots you would like such as the newlyweds kissing, someone cheers-ing, a group selfie, or the cutest couple (other than the newlyweds), you can include anything.
Not only does this give your guests a fun activity, it gets them soliciting and you’ll also end up with even more pictures of your special day.
You can up the stakes and turn your photo scavenger hunt into a contest where you’ll vote for the best photo in each category after the wedding. This way, your guests will go for quality photos, not just quantity.
2) Couple Trivia
At each guest’s seat, leave a Trivia sheet with some questions about the two of you. They could be multiple-choice, true/false questions or fill-in-the-blank.
Guests can fill out the questions anytime during the meal. Then before the end of dinner, the MC will read off some of the answers whether they be correct or just really funny.
As a prize, the guest who gets the most answers correct at their table can take home the centrepiece or another item from the table decorations.
Who knows the couple best reception game with Tanya McDonald MC
3) Wedding Guest Bingo
Want to encourage mingling among your guests? Another wedding game’s ice breaker is Bingo.
In this version, guests don’t sit and mark off a card as numbers are called. Instead, they have to take their card around to the other guests to find someone in the room who can claim “That’s Me!” given the clue provided, and then make it official by writing in their initials.
When creating the cards, try to avoid being too generic with descriptions and think about unique clues to describe your guests. 
4) Speech Bingo
Sometimes guests can get distracted during the speeches. So why not give them another way to stay engaged? 
Before the speeches begin supply each guest with a speech bingo card. The guests then need to listen carefully to each speech. If a phrase that is listed on their card is spoken they can then mark it off. When a guest has marked all items off their card they shout Bingo.
5) Match The Saying To The Romantic Movie
Sometimes people won’t admit it, but we all secretly love a good mushy movie.
Test your guest’s mushiness and see who can be first to match the movie saying to the correct romantic film.
This game is a great group game. Place one, Match The Saying to the Romantic Movie, sheet on each table. The guests at the table will then need to work together as a group to get the correct matches.
Try personalising the game by using romantic movies that are your favourites. Or use romantic sayings from movies that may not be classified as mushy.
Final note.

Great wedding reception games are fantastic and will help fill in any lulls in the night, get guests talking and are just really good fun. Just don’t overdo it. Remember less is more in this case.

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