Commitment Ceremony – Celebrate Your Love

A commitment ceremony is a celebration of a couple’s love and a ceremony in which two people commit their lives to each other.

This ceremony may look the same as a legally binding marriage ceremony, but there are no legal sections included. Instead, it is a ceremony formally binding two hearts together in the presents of family and friends.

Commitment ceremonies can also be known as spiritual ceremonies, symbolic ceremonies, or promise ceremonies.

Why would you choose to have a commitment ceremony?

Couples choose to have a commitment ceremony instead of a legally binding marriage ceremony for a number of reasons.

A couple may not have completed the Notice of Intended Marriage within the required time and their planned celebrations fall before this document is valid.

Sometimes if one or both of the couple has been legally married previously they choose to demonstrate their love for one another through a commitment ceremony.

For some couples, their partnership may not be accepted within thier religion, so a commitment ceremony gives them a formal joining of thier love.

No matter the reason you have a commitment ceremony it is a beautiful way to celebrate your love and devotion.

A commitment of the heart.

Commitment ceremonies are a great way to include all the bells and whistles of a traditional wedding ceremony, they just don’t result in you being legally married.

As there are no legal requirements for a commitment ceremony, you don’t need to provide any identification or complete any legal documents.

I like to give couples who are having a commitment ceremony a commemorative certificate. This is not a legal document but can be signed by the couple, witnesses (if you are having them), and myself as the celebrant conducting the ceremony.

Your commitment ceremony is an occasion specifically designed to celebrate your special relationship. Your ceremony should be written to reflect your love story and journey together so far.

There are so many ways you can celebrate this as a special occasion of your love and union. Whether it be a grand event or a more intimate affair the commitment ceremony will be your formal declaration of love and commitment to each other.

You can include rituals, readings, songs, or poems that have a significant meaning to you both. You may also like to write your own personal vows showing your devotion and love for each other. Anything is possible. As there are no legal requirements you can make the ceremony exactly how you want it to be.

Most importantly after the commitment ceremony, you will be joined together as Partners for Life.

If you would like to find out more about having a Commitment Ceremony please contact me.

AboutTanya McDonald
It goes without saying that being a marriage celebrant is an honour and a privilege. I have loved weddings and what they represent for as long as I can remember. Since becoming a celebrant I am able to fulfill my passion and at the same time treasure each opportunity I have to work with couples to help them bring their dreams and ideas into life through their ceremonies. I have been a fully authorised marriage celebrant since 2014 and I have helped couples enjoy thier journey to the altar since then. If you need a celebrant, I would love to discuss your ceremony with you.