Wedding Reception Ideas, Activities, & Unique Things To Do

A wedding reception is a party held after the marriage ceremony. This event is to celebrate the newlyweds and thier wedded union with thier nearest and dearest and is usually centered around a meal, rituals, traditions, music, and dancing.

When planning the activities for your reception make sure they fit into the theme and style you envision. And remember you don’t need to include all the regular reception activities just because they are traditional. Make sure you add what you want and leave out what you don’t.

Most of all you want to make sure your guests are entertained. It’s meant to be a party to celebrate your marriage so make sure you add in some fun.

The following are 18 wedding reception ideas, activities, and unique things to do to help make sure your guests are entertained and have the time of their lives.

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18 Entertainment Activities
1) Tarot Card Reader

Having a Tarot card reader can be a fun way to have guests find out what their futures hold. Or if they don’t believe, it can just be great entertainment.

2) Table Games

Create your own personalised mad libs, crossword puzzles, or word searches, and put them on the tables or bar to keep guests entertained throughout the night.

3) Message in a bottle

During the evening guests write notes to the newlyweds on little pieces of paper. They then place them in a glass bottle filling it with lots of wishes and advice. On the couple’s one-year wedding anniversary the bottle is opened and the notes read.

4) Video Booth

Why not consider having a video booth instead of a photo booth. During the night your guests can pop into the booth and record a short, personal video of wishes to the newlyweds. This would make a fantastic keepsake video.

5) Commemorative Poster

Instead of your run-of-the-mill guest book, have a custom poster designed for your big day. Guests sign the poster, and you have a beautiful art piece to frame and hang in your home for years to come.

6) Set Up A Tasting Bar

If you both have a favourite food or drink why not set up a tasting bar and allow your guest to taste, mingle and discuss your choices. This is a great idea to fill in time between the ceremony and reception or during cocktail hour. The best thing about this activity is that it will encourage your guests to interact.

So what should you have on your tasting bar? Well, the options are endless. As a suggestion go for something that you both love to indulge in. You may like to have your favourate wines, spirits, filled donuts, cupcakes, ice cream, or cocktails the options are truly unlimited.

7) Palm Reader

Another really unique way to entertain your guests is to have a palm reader. They are similar, but still different, to a tarot card reader. They will wander around your reception and give guests a view into thier future. Guests will be queueing up to find out what their future holds and it’s a great bit of fun.

8) Limbo Competition

This is so easy to set up and a great bit of entertainment that is full of laughs. The lively your guests are, the more daring they will go with get under the bar.

9) Bouncy Castle

Feel like a big kid at heart then why not have a jumping castle. They are great fun for young and old and make for some fabulously interesting photos. Just make sure you hire one that is appropriate for adults.

10) Glitter Bar

Love a bit of sparkle then why not share your passion by having a glitter bar. This is a seriously cool idea and how great if everyone blinged up and added a bit of sparkle to your reception. You can incorporate all sorts of glitter things in your bar like face glitter, hair glitter, glitter accessories and so much more.

11) Table Pass the Parcel

Remember all the fun and excitement you had when you were young and played pass the parcel. Why not create that same entertainment and have each of your reception tables play. This is a great game to play just after your guests are seated. Give each table a parcel that has been layered with icebreaker jokes and a little gift? Have some fun music to set the tone for a great party.

12) Magician

With tricks, effects, and illusions magic is fantastic entertainment that really gets the mind working and will keep your guests amused.

13) Wheel of Fun

Having a wheel of fun will keep guests entertained and bring super amounts of fun to your reception. Allocate times during your reception when a guest will spin the wheel. You may like to allocate this task to someone who has won a game. When the wheel stops it will reveal a fun activity like a dance-off or conga line. Best of all your wheel can be customised with any amusing activities you want.

14) Date Night Ideas Box

During a marriage, it can sometimes be difficult to find new and interesting ways for date nights. Why not ask your wedding guests to help. Set up an area with a jar, box or container, pens, and cards, and get your guest to provide ideas. These ideas are sure to help your future date nights be fun-filled and interesting.

15) Hire a Caricaturist

I am sure if you have a caricaturist at your reception your guests will love this unique idea. I’m also sure they’ll all be queuing to have their go and to get thier personal caricature done. This is a great alternative to the traditional photo booth and will give your guests a wonderful keepsake of your wedding.

16) Piñata

If your looking to add a bit of good old-fashioned fun to your reception why not have a piñata. There are lots of different wedding piñatas you could use. Some ideas are a wedding cake, love heart, diamond ring, or one that relates to a hobby or item you both love. You could also have one that has been personalised with your initials or faces. The options are endless and this is a great way to keep the party going.

When you’re thinking about what to fill your piñata with there are lots of options. You could use lollies, chocolates, and other fun items like plastic sunglasses, fake mustaches, plastic diamond rings, Mardi Gras beaded necklaces, and lottery tickets. Just think about using items your guests will have fun retrieving after you as the newlyweds have broken the piñata open.

17) Vodka Luge

A vodka or ice luge is an ice sculpture with a hole drilled through for vodka to be poured directly into your mouth! It’s an incredible centerpiece and so much fun to watch as guests become more challenged trying to catch all the vodka as they get tipsier.

Any liquid can be poured through a vodka luge, however certain drinks are better suited than others. Chilled spirits with high alcohol content (such as vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey) are the best drinks to pour through a vodka luge, however, soft drink variants can also be used.

18) Speed Socializing

You’ve heard of speed dating, but have you heard of speed socialising? Well, it’s pretty much the same idea. When a buzzer goes off or a bell is rung each alternate person at a table will get up and move to a different table. This is a great way for your guests to get to know one another, mingle, and catch up.

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