Tying The Knot Ceremony

With this package, I will supply you with a marriage ceremony that you are able to add your personal touch to. You can write your own wedding vows, select your askings, ring ceremony, and include readings or poems to be performed by family or guests.

Packages – Monday to Thursday $640  – Friday & Saturday $780 – Sunday $720

Included In The Package

✓  The initial meeting that includes completing the NOIM, and an additional appointment if required. (These times need to be booked in advance).

✓  The handling of legalities, documentation, and registration of marriage documents. (Excluding the extra marriage certificate from the Department of Birth, Deaths, and Marriages)

✓  Insurance of a firm booking for your ceremony date and time. (Definite bookings are confirmed on receipt of the deposit).

✓  Access to my portfolio of suggestions for readings, poems, vows, and askings.

✓  A ceremony from my current collection. You get to select your own readings,  poems, vows, and askings.

✓  PA system (so that all guests will be able to hear the ceremony) and to put your ceremony music through.

✓  My arrival at the venue 30 minutes before the ceremony. (This is to finalise any last-minute details that may arise)

✓  Coordination with musicians, photographers, and others as needed at the ceremony.

✓  Officiating your ceremony.

✓  I will be available before and after the ceremony for photos.

✓  You will receive a Keepsake Official Marriage Certificate

✓  Laminated transcript of your ceremony.

✓ Transport costs within 100kms return journey from Millthorpe to the place of marriage.

Additional Charges & Fees
Additional services provided outside the above schedules will be as agreed between the parties of the marriage and myself.
  • Travel to any area over 100kms round trip: Add $1 per kilometer.
  • If additional travel requires an overnight stay, accommodation costs are to be covered by the person booking the wedding ceremony. (I will do my utmost to find suitable cost-effective accommodation).
  • For ceremonies involving unconventional time, place, or risk
  • For ceremonies to be conducted on a Public Holiday or on New Years’ Eve
  • For special requirements as agreed
  • Onsite Rehearsal: Add $70 (+ travel fee if the round trip exceeds 100Kms from Millthorpe)
  • For formal correspondence in relation to the marriage. (e.g. consuls, embassies, etc.)
  • Copy of your marriage certificate from Birth, Deaths, and Marriages (currently the department charges $60) You will require this certificate if you wish to change your surname.
  • For extra appointments
  • A special wedding ritual. ( I have a selection of traditional and non-traditional rituals to select from or we can make one that is personal to you both). Add $40 for one ritual.
  • For a beautifully presented transcript of your ceremony displayed in an album. $48
  • If the ceremony is delayed beyond the contracted start time, if I am required to leave and return to contact the ceremony, or if the ceremony needs to be conducted on a different day.
How To Book

To lock in the date and time of your wedding ceremony the first step is to complete the booking request form.

After I confirm my availability for your wedding ceremony I will email the ceremony agreement. Then when your 50% booking fee has been received your Tying The Knot Wedding Ceremony will be locked in.

Then we get started on the legal documents and creating your special wedding ceremony.