Intimate Elopement Ceremony

If you are looking for a small intimate wedding then my elopement package is what you need. My Intimate Elopement Package is personal, romantic and all about the
two of you.

This ceremony is a similar service to a registry office-style wedding and will include the couple, celebrant, and two witnesses. (no guests)

The Monday to Friday Package will be charged at the weekend rate after 3 pm on Friday. The Intimate Package is not available after 12 pm on Saturday.

Packages start from $400 Monday to Friday – $500 Weekends

Included in the package:

✓  Initial interview and booking appointment. (The times need to be booked in advance).

✓  The handling of legalities, documentation, and registration of marriage documents. (Excluding the extra marriage certificate from the Department of Birth, Deaths, and Marriages)

✓  Insurance of a firm booking for your ceremony date and time.(Definite bookings are confirmed on receipt of the deposit).

✓  A ceremony from my current collection. You get to select your own vows and askings from my portfolio.

✓  My arrival at the venue 15 minutes before the ceremony.

✓  The officiating of your ceremony.

✓  I will be available before and after the ceremony for photos.

✓  You will receive a Keepsake Official Marriage Certificate

✓  A laminated transcript of your ceremony for you to keep

✓  Transport costs within 50kms return journey from Millthorpe to the place of marriage.

I will keep the agreed date and time available for your ceremony in Accordance with the following:

  1. A confirmation fee is payable to secure my services as the celebrant for your wedding ceremony. In the event of cancellation of the ceremony, this fee is not refundable.
  2.  The balance of your account is due and payable one (1) month prior to your wedding date. In the event of cancellation of the ceremony, a refund or part of the balance fee will be considered, and will be at the celebrant’s discretion.
  3.  In the event that the ceremony is delayed more than 10 minutes beyond the agreed starting time, I reserve the right to proceed to my next commitment.

Addition charges:

For additional services provided outside the above schedules will be as agreed between the parties of the marriage and myself.

Where the distance of the return journey from Millthorpe to the place of marriage exceeds 50km.

For ceremonies involving unconventional time, place or risk

  • For ceremonies to be conducted on a Public Holiday or New Years Eve
  • For special requirements as agreed Onsite Rehearsal
  • For formal correspondence in relation to the marriage. (e.g. consuls, embassies, etc.)
  • For extra appointments
  • A special wedding ritual. ( I have a selection of traditional and non-traditional rituals to select from or we can make one that is personal to you both).
  • For a beautifully presented transcript of your ceremony displayed in a folder for you to keep forever
  • If the ceremony is delayed beyond the contracted start time, if I am required to leave and return to contact the ceremony, or if the ceremony needs to be conducted on a different day.

Please contact me if you would like to book me for your ceremony.