Intimate Elopement Ceremony

If you are looking for a small intimate wedding then my elopement package is what you need. My Intimate Elopement Package is personal, romantic, and all about the two of you.

This ceremony is a similar service to a registry office-style wedding and will include the couple, celebrant, and two witnesses. (no guests)

Please note that the Intimate Elopement Ceremony Package is not available after 12 pm on Saturday.

Packages – $400 Monday to Thursday & Friday before 11 am – $600 after 12pm Friday, before 11am Saturday & anytime Sunday

Included In The Package

✓  Initial meeting that incudes completing the NOIM. (The time needs to be booked in advance).

✓  The handling of legalities, documentation, and registration of marriage documents. (Excluding the extra marriage certificate from the Department of Birth, Deaths, and Marriages).

✓  Insurance of a firm booking for your ceremony date and time. (Definite bookings are confirmed on receipt of the deposit).

✓  A ceremony from my current collection. You get to select your own asking, vows, and ring exchanges from my portfolio.

✓  My arrival at the venue 30 minutes before the ceremony.

✓  Officiating your ceremony.

✓  I will be available before and after the ceremony for photos.

✓  You will receive a Keepsake Official Marriage Certificate.

✓  Laminated transcript of your ceremony.

✓  Transport costs within 50kms return journey from Millthorpe to the place of marriage.

Addition Charges & Fees
  • Additional services provided outside the above schedules will be as agreed between the parties of the marriage and myself.
  • Travel to any area over 100kms round trip: Add $1 per kilometer.
  • If additional travel requires an overnight stay, accommodation costs are to be covered by the person booking the wedding ceremony. (I will do my utmost to find suitable cost-effective accommodation).
  • For ceremonies involving unconventional time, place, or risk
  • For ceremonies to be conducted on a Public Holiday or on New Years’ Eve
  • For special requirements as agreed
  • Onsite Rehearsal: Add $70 (+ travel fee if the round trip exceeds 100Kms from Millthorpe)
  • For formal correspondence in relation to the marriage. (e.g. consuls, embassies, etc.)
  • Copy of your marriage certificate from Birth, Deaths, and Marriages (currently the department charges $60) You will require this certificate if you wish to change your surname.
  • For extra appointments
  • A special wedding ritual. ( I have a selection of traditional and non-traditional rituals to select from or we can make one that is personal to you both).
  • For a beautifully presented transcript of your ceremony displayed in an album. $48
  • If the ceremony is delayed beyond the contracted start time, if I am required to leave and return to contact the ceremony, or if the ceremony needs to be conducted on a different day.
How To Book

To lock in the date and time of your wedding ceremony the first step is to complete the booking request form.

After I confirm my availability for your wedding ceremony I will email the ceremony agreement. Then when your 50% booking fee has been received your Intimate Elopement Wedding Ceremony will be locked in.

Then we get started on the legal documents and creating your special wedding ceremony.

Need A Different Package

If the Intimate Elopement Wedding Ceremony isn’t the ceremony you after please check out my other ceremony packages.