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Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal and why you should have one

Having a run-through of your wedding ceremony will help ensure that everyone knows when to walk, where to stand, and what to do and say. Some couples also find it helps to settle their nerves. I have included all the details you will need to have a wedding ceremony rehearsal.

Witnessing NOIM Temporary Modified From 21st December 21

In response to Coronavirus, from 21 December 2021, a temporary change has been made to enable the signatures of the parties getting married on the Notice of Intended Marriage form (NOIM) to be witnessed remotely by an authorised person.

How To Choose a Wedding Celebrant

Selecting a wedding celebrant is as important as selecting the type of wedding you want. It is a decision that cannot be made lightly: this is the person who is going to take you through those first cherished moments of your married life together.

Notice Of Intended Marriage

New Notice of Intended Marriage 1st September 2021