Entry into your reception
Building Your Reception – Introductions
Receiving line

A receiving line is a tradition when the newly-weds and select family members form a line to greet guests. This can happen after the ceremony but more often it happens at the entrance of the reception venue as the guests enter.

Parent Entry

This is if you would you like a special introduction for your parents. This entry usually happens as they enter the reception just before the wedding party.

Entrance Of The Wedding Party

This entry is to introduce the wedding party as they come into the reception. This can be done in pairs or separately and each person can enter in thier own unique way or a way you have selected. Some dance, come in on each other’s backs, ride scooters, have funny masks, or are wearing the clothes they have swapped with another member of the wedding party.  The options are endless. The entry is just a great way to officially start your party. So choose something that reflects the feel of your event.

Entrance Of The Wedding Party  – Music

You can have music or not, it’s totally up to you. Music will however give a great party vibe and make it more fun for the wedding party to enter the reception.

Entrance Of The Newlywed’s

You can enter your reception the same way as your wedding party or you can have your own unique way. This is the same as the music, you can use the same or selected something different.

You may select just to have a newlywed grand entrance. This is when the wedding party either enters behind you as a group or casually during cocktail hour, and are seated before the grand entrance.

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Partner 1
Parner 2
Your best contact email.
What is the date of your wedding reception start?
Do want to have a receiving line.
Please include time if you wish to have your receiving line?
Would you like a special introduction for your parents as they enter the reception?
Entry order of the parents. Please give names of who will be entering with who?
The time you would like me to announce the entry of you and your wedding party.
Would you like to have music playing when you have your entrance?
If you are having music for your entrance please include details of the song name, artist, and version.
Please select an idea if you would like it included in your wedding party entry.
If you have another idea please let me know.
Entry order of wedding party including names. Nicknames can be used. (The couple enters last)
Any information you would like said about the wedding party as they enter the reception.
Would you like to have different music from the wedding party playing when you have your entrance?
If you would like to have a second entry song just for you please include details of the song name, artist, and version.
Select this if you would just like for the newlyweds to be formally introduced when entering the reception.
Please let me know how you would like to enter your reception? You may like to select one of the fun inclusion options listed for the wedding party.
Any other information about the introductions or entry into the reception.

If you have any questions please contact me.