Building Your Reception – Couples Information

The following reception couples information form is to help me get to know you better. You can complete this form together or if you like you can each submit a separate form.

If you don’t finish the form then please submit what you have completed. (Please note you can’t save the form for later.) When you have more time then you can come back and re-submit the remaining information.

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Your best contact email.
What is the date of your wedding reception?
What is your favourite music, singer, band, video?
What is your favourite television show, a movie?
What is your favourite holiday, time of year, season or month?
What is your favourite book, magazine, website?
What is your favourite electronic toy: mobile phone, MP3, iPad laptop?
What are your favourite sports to participate in or to watch?
What was the most memorable holiday or getaway you have had and why?
Do you have nicknames for each other?
What silly things did your fight over?
How did you first meet?
What was your parents and friends reaction to you dating?
What was your parents and friends reaction to your engagement?
Personal stories and anecdotes.
Hobbies or things you like to do.
Any additional information that you would like to share.

If you have any questions please contact me.