Ceremony to Reception

This is the 1st reception information form. The information in this form allows me to let your guests know what is happening between your ceremony and reception. I will give your guests this information just before your guest photo session begins.

Photo Session

Guest Photo Session – Participants

This photo session is to take photos with any family or friends who will not be joining you during the official photo session. The following are only some examples of the people you may like to have photos taken with.

  • Group shot with all your guests
  • Both sets of Parents separately and together
  • Both immediate family members for one party then the other
  • Then both families together
  • Grandparents
  • Friends (in groups)

Official Wedding Photo Session

Location: If there are special spots where you would like to have your official photos taken then please list these in the form. If you don’t know where you would like these photos, don’t worry. That’s why you have a professional photographer as they will take you to the best spots to capture beautiful photos.

Official Wedding Photo Session – Participants

Your official photo session usually involves family and friends that are included in your wedding party. However, it can sometimes also include parents or any other special family or friends.

Photo Session – Information

Any information regarding your photography sessions I will forward to your photographer and if you’re having one your videographer. This will mean everyone will be on the same page with timings. I will also send them the list of photos you would like taken with family and friends just after the ceremony.

Timing Schedule

I have asked in the form for you to allocate times you would like each activity to begin. If you are unsure of what times to select in any of the sections I am happy to complete these for you. Just leave them blank and I will add the times when creating your run sheet. You can then decide if you are happy with the times.

If you have any questions please contact me.

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Partner 1
Parner 2
Your best contact email.
What is the date of your wedding reception?
The name of your photographer.
Best contact email for your photographer.
The best contact phone number for your photographer.
The name of your videographer.
Best contact email for your videographer.
The best contact phone number for your Videographer.
Guest photo session time after the ceremony?
Who would you like included in the guest photo session? Please include in the order a list of photos you would like taken. E.g. with partner 1's parents (name & name), with partner 2's parents (name & name).
The time you would like to start the official wedding photo session?
The official wedding photo session location after the ceremony is?
Who needs to stay at the ceremony site for the official wedding photo session?
Any instructions you would like me to give your guests about what you have arranged between the ceremony and reception.
What time do you want your guests to arrive at the reception?