Wedding Vows

Writing your wedding vows gives you the chance to personalise the moment and provide your guests with a look into the love and feelings you have for one another.
Every love is one-a-kind, and by customising your vows, you can celebrate just how special the love you have for your partner is.
You can get as specific, and as personal, as you want, you can even add funny moments you have shared together.
The most meaningful vows are the ones that are written from your heart.

Personal Wedding Vows

The easiest way to start your vows is to write down the answers to the following questions.
* What you love about the other person
* What you love about your relationship
* Why you decided to get married
* What you promise for the future

Just remember not to make your vows to long as it could make it hard for you to get through them on the day.

If you don’t share them with your partner until your ceremony this is a very special gift you can give them.


Your Vows

Give the one you are marrying a lasting memory from your heart by putting your love into words.