Wedding Rituals

There are many different unity ceremonies or rituals, that couples can select from for their weddings. Most, however, are a symbol to show the uniting of the couple in marriage.

While some are more spiritual and based on religion, others come purely out of creativity.

Whether you're looking for a religious or cultural ritual, or you're simply looking for ideas to personalize your ceremony, there are many wedding rituals that to select from to all to your special day.


Wedding Rituals

There are so many rituals to select, or I can help you to create your own special one.
* Sand Ceremonies
* Hour Glass Ceremony
* Water Ceremony
* Actually ‘Tying the Knot’
* Dove release ritual
* Covenant Salt Ceremony
* Feet Washing Ceremony
* Tree Planting Ritual
* Make a Time Capsule
* The Chord of Three Strands Ceremony
* Ring Blessing Ceremony
* Rose Ceremony
* Red String of Fate
* Butterfly wedding ceremony ritual
* Hand Fasting Ceremony
* Ring Warming Ceremony
* Truce Bell
* Take the Bitter Along With the Sweet in the Chocolate and Champagne Ceremony
* Jumping the Broom Ceremony
* Unity Candle Ceremony
* Pinning of the Tartan
* Unity wine Ceremony
* German or Bridal Wedding Cup
* Rock Ceremony
* Helium balloon Release
* Tasting of Four Elements Ceremony


No matter the wedding ritual you select it will be a great addition to a wedding ceremony. It adds a truly unique element that you, your friends and family will remember.