Walking Into Your Ceremony

Traditionally the father of the bride walks his daughter into the ceremony, and this is still a beautiful custom.

However, there are lots of other people who can walk one or both of the couple into the ceremony.
* Both parents
* Mother(s) or Father(s)
* Stepparents
* Children
* Relations or special friends
* Together as a couple
* With a pet
* By your self

It’s Your Choice

In weddings today you can have anyone you like walk you up the aisle. But sometimes the decision can be hard because you don’t want to hurt anyone feelings.

The most important thing you need to remember is that this is your special day and whoever you decide to walk you up the aisle will be the right choice.

You may even want to walk up the aisle as a couple starting this new milestone together.

If you are having you’re having a wedding in a location that allows pets maybe you can have your loved fur baby walk you into the ceremony.

Or maybe you want to walk yourself into the ceremony symbolising you as an individual walking towards your married life as a couple.

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