Remember Someone Special

Marriage is a wonderful time to celebrate the union of two lives into one. However, it can be emotional when a loved one is no longer with you to experience this joy.
Some people find that adding a symbol of remembrance for their loved one can add a special touch to their wedding day.

Ways to Remember Someone Special

Some ways to Remember Someone Special can be:

* Reserve a seat for them

* Placing a personal item owned by the person on a seat

* Placing a photo on a seat

* Placing a sign of remembrance on a seat

* Lighting a candle

* Set up a memory table

* Pin their photos to your bouquet or outfit

* Tie a piece of your loved one’s clothing around the stems of your bouquet.

On a day of celebration, our thoughts are with people who are no longer physically with us, but whose gifts of love and compassion over the years will always be cherished and remembered. 

Tanya C. McDonald