Ceremony Seating

Try something different with your ceremony seating.
Instead of using chairs, select the seating that reflects your wedding style like benches or bales of hay.

There are many different ways you can set up your seating to suit the ceremony feel and look you are after.

Ceremony Seating Ideas

The traditional ceremony seating layout is rows of chairs with an aisle down the middle.

Some other design seatings ideas are:
Circular so guests can get a 360-degree view

Arrange your chairs in sweeping arcs facing the couple to give you amphitheatre seating. This seating arrangement makes good use of space.

Labyrinth or Spiral seating is an excellent option for small ceremonies and will give each guest a front-row seat to your entry and exit.

An offset aisle is a perfect option for couples who would like spiral-style seating but have a large guest list. To achieve the effect, offset the beginning of each row by one, back and forth, to create a wavy or zig-zag aisle.

A round or semi-circle layout will have you surrounded by your guests and giving your ceremony an intimate feel, even when you have a large guest list.

Split circular seating into four quarters. By arranging chairs in rounded rows, then splitting the rows down the centre into four sections will give you four aisles to play with for your entry and exit. It also symbolises wholeness, represents devotion and a spiritual journey.

Informal clusters of chairs around the ceremony space can add a carefree feel to the layout.

Arrange chairs or benches in straight rows to create a square around the couple; an elegant alternative to round seating.

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