Tree Planting Ceremony

Tree Planting Ceremony For Your Wedding

Symbolic tree planting ceremonies are an age-old ritual, spanning many countries and numerous cultures. Putting a healthy, young tree in the ground or pot is a symbol of celebration: representing life, hope, growth and continuity.

The unity tree planting ceremony can be used to symbolise the joining together of two individuals or the joining of two families.

How a tree planting ritual works.

The ceremony is conducted in much the same way as other unity ceremonies. You set up a separate table, on which you will place a potted tree/sapling (something perhaps with special meaning to the couple).

You would also have two small buckets of dirt, two gardening trowels and a small watering can on the table.

During a specific reading or song, the couple will each add dirt and water the plant together. After the ceremony, the couple should plant the tree in a special location to symbolise the putting down of roots, longevity and strengths in their marriage.

Tree Planting Ceremony
Variation on the tree planting ritual

A parents’ variation of the tree ritual is a great way to involve the couple’s parents. Each set of parents upon the entrance to the ceremonies goes to the table and scoops in a small amount of dirt. Then they take their seats. This symbolises their support of the couple in marriage.

Or you could have the parents water the tree to symbolise the way they have been an influence in teaching and encouraging love.

A children’s variation of the tree ritual is perfect if the couple has children together, or has children from a previous relationship. Each child scoops a small amount of dirt into the pot before the couple.

Why Choose To Do A Tree Planting Ceremony?

A tree planting ceremony is a beautiful symbol of the start of a marriage. Like a tree starts out small so does a marriage. A tree needs to withstand all types of weather to grow and become strong. Just as married needs to face many elements that will test it. If the marriage makes it through these trials,  it will be stronger and more beautiful.

A tree planting ceremony could be the perfect unique touch you are looking for to add to your wedding and one that will be a beautiful reminder of your special day for many years to come.

If your ceremony location doesn’t allow you to plant a tree (you may be inside as an example) but this shouldn’t stop you from adding the tree planting ceremony if it’s something you want to include.

All you need to do is take a sapling, a pot, and some dirt to your wedding ceremony but instead of planting the tree in the ground, you plant it in the pot. Then when you return home you can plant the tree in a place that is special for you both.

Tree Planting Ceremony
6 Best Trees For A Tree Planting Ceremony
1) Wisteria Tree

Wisteria has been associated with many special meanings. Most popularly it is known to symbolise warm romance, immortality, and long life.

Wisteria Tree
2) Cherry Blossom Tree

When looking for the symbolism of the Cherry Blossom Tree when associating it with weddings, it is recognised as love and new beginnings.

Cherry Tree
3) Birch Tree

They signify adaptability, regeneration, and new beginnings. It is also known as an elegant force of nature.

4) Crape Myrtle Tree

Dating back to Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, considered the Crape Myrtle tree sacred as a source of grace and beauty.

The tree is a sign of life, rebirth, fertility, prosperity and a representation of one’s life journey.

Crape Myrtle Tree
5) Redwood Tree

The Redwoods may not produce beautiful flowers, but because of their grandeur, it is still considered extremely beautiful.

A Redwood can live longer than 2,000 years. So their longevity is a perfect way to celebrate your marriage, as they also symbolise forever love.

6) Dogwood Tree

In Native American culture, the dogwood trees are seen as a symbol of good luck. They also represent safety, loyalty, kindness, stability, wishes, and protection. As the flowers this tree produces are gentle and small while the tree is strong and hard this tree also symbolised durability.

Final Thoughts
Every tree is considered to have its own special symbology and or significance.
You may choose a tree that has no specific symbolisation at all but one that has special meaning to you as a couple. The tree may be the type you meet under or the one where you had your first kiss.
You may decide a tree isn’t how you want to symbolise your marriage. So why not use a flower or plant if this has more meaning to you? It will personalise the tree planting ceremony and become a special acknowledgement just for you and your marriage.
So what if you don’t have any outdoor space at your home, can you still include the tree planting ritual in your ceremony? Yes, you can.
You just need to choose a houseplant.
This will mean that it won’t have the longevity of a tree so the symbolisation of the ritual will be slightly different. It will however show the dedication you have as a couple for your marriage. As the houseplant will take a lot of love and care to keep it going, you will work together to keep it alive. This is a great way of symbolising the effort, love and support you are both agreeing to put into your marriage through good times and bad, through thriving blooms and wilting leaves.
The options of what you use for the tree planting ceremony are endless. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. So the type of tree, plant or flower you choose is totally up to you.
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