The Cord of Three Strands Ceremony

The Cord of Three Strands Ceremony

In religious belief, The Cord of Three Strands or God’s Knot symbolises the joining of 2 people and God into a marriage relationship. It is believed that marriage takes three; the two people getting married and God. Most importantly it is believed that it was God who taught people to love. So by keeping God at the center of the marriage, His love will continue to bind the couple together as one throughout the marriage.

In the Bible, the passage Ecclesiastes 4:12 say’s  “though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

So Why Include This Ritual In Your Wedding Ceremony?

Wedding ceremonies have changed over time and the traditional church ceremony is no longer the norm. Some couples who believe in religion or ones who have families that have strong ties to faith may find it hard to move away from the expected church wedding service to a civil ceremony.

However, there are many ways is to include “God” and “Religion” in a civil ceremony, while still remaining respectful of each faith. One way is to include The Cord of Three Strands Ceremony.

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Significance Of The Cord Colours.
Gold Strand

This strand of gold represents God. It represents that the marriage relationship was initiated by, built under the authority of, and is intended to glorify God.

Purple Strand

This strand represents one partner getting married. As a new creation in Christ, the majesty of this partner is represented in purple. This partner loves the other partner and submits to the Lord, the Lord in turn will demonstrate great love in the marriage relationship.

White Strand

Having been cleansed by salvation in Christ, the purity of the second partner is represented in white. As partner 1 honours partner 2 and submits to the Lord, the Lord, in turn, will nurture and strengthen the marriage relationship.

How Does This Ritual Work?

During the wedding ceremony, the couple braids the Cord of Three Strands together. Partner one holds a small metal ring with three attached strands. Partner two then braids the strands together, symbolising the union of God and the couple marrying.

While braiding the Cord of Three Strands, you may wish to have someone read an explanation of the ceremony. You may also simply play music or have someone sing.

Unity Cords, A Cord of Three Strands, Knot Tying Ceremony, God's Unity Cord
Unity Cords, A Cord of Three Strands, Knot Tying Ceremony, God's Unity Cord
Unity Cords, A Cord of Three Strands, Knot Tying Ceremony, God's Unity Cord

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