Why Have A Professional Photographer for your Wedding

Why have a professional photographer for your wedding?

A wedding is a very special day when two people are joined in marriage before family and friends. It is a day of celebration that is full of beautiful moments.
Having these moments captured to look back on is very special and really important. So if you want them to be the best you will need a professional wedding photographer.

7 Top reasons
Why have a professional photographer?
1. A professional photographer knows what they are doing.

A professional wedding photographer knows what they are doing, how a wedding day flows, what the key moments are, and what looks good and what doesn’t. Professionals also know how to adapt to weather and lighting changes to get the best shot.

2. A professional photographer will be reliable.

You want a reliable photographer, one that will approach the job of capturing your special day with responsibility. It is their job to make sure you have the best wedding images and best experience possible.

3. A professional photographer doesn’t need direction.

An experienced wedding photographer doesn’t require any direction. While you plan your wedding they will discuss items needed, photos wanted and people you don’t want to miss capturing. This means you can just enjoy your wedding day as there’s no need to worry about your wedding images. Your professional photographer is on the job.

4. A professional photographer knows what to expect.

Your professional wedding photographer knows the key moments to look out for and when they are going to happen. They will guide and instruct you with positioning so you will get the best photos. During the photo sessions, they will be there to provide direction and guidance, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

5. A professional photographer will give you quality photos

A professional photographer knows what they are doing and will make sure your images stand the test of time. You want to be able to look back at your wedding day and remember every single key moment from that day, and have images that not only last a lifetime but hold precious memories within them.

6. A professional photographer will give you security and commitment.

Professional wedding photographers offer wedding packages and contracts. So when you book them you can be assured that what you have been promised you will get. So you can rest easy, as your professional photographer is committed to honouring your agreement.

7. Don’t regret not booking a professional photographer.

Regret is something no one wants to feel. Your wedding day goes by so very quickly and a great set of wedding photos will help you look back and remember. You will even have moments that were captured on film that you may not have seen on the day.

Not hiring a professional photographer could mean that key and special moments could be missed along with many other issues. Sadly, I have heard many heartbreaking stories from some of my couples who chose to have a non-professional wedding photographer. Some of these horror stories are that photographers didn’t turn up on time or at all, photos were not supplied, photos were so dark you couldn’t make out faces, key moments (like the first kiss at the ceremony) were missed and so many many more.

A professional photographer is experienced at capturing the details of your wedding day and through them telling your wedding day story.

So having a professional photographer for your wedding day is defiantly something you won’t regret.

Some of the great professional wedding photographers I have worked with.
(in no specific order)
Matthew Harper Photography
Contact Matt
Kirsten Cunningham Photography
Contact Kirsten
Brenton Cox Photography
Contact Brenton
Cazeil Creative
Contact Carolyn
Angus McKern Photography
Contact Angus
The Nomad Collective
Contact Mitch & Madli
Essjay Photography
Contact Sarah
Henry Paul Photography
Contact Hank
Little Image Co.
Contact Little Image Co
De Lumiere Photography
Contact De Lumiere Photography

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