Ring Exchange Alternatives

Ring exchange alternatives are for couples who want to celebrate thier love and commitment in a non-traditional way.

The wedding ring can be traced back to ancient Rome and Greece where it was associated with a dowry and promise of fidelity. The modern wedding ring exchange derives from the middle age customs of European Christianity. The exchange symbolises a couple’s love and commitment to each other and shows that they are married.

The giving and receiving of rings during a ceremony is not a legal requirement. So if you decide to get married without a wedding ring your marriage will still be valid.

There are many reasons why couples select not to do a classic exchange of wedding bands during a ceremony. Here are just 4 of the most popular reasons why.

1) Allergies – It may be hard for you to find a ring if you suffer from allergic reactions to metal.

2) Not into jewelry – Jewelry may not be your thing, so why wear a ring when there are so many other great ways to show your love and commitment to your partner.

3) Not practical – Rings can be beautiful but the more elaborate designs may not be very practical for everyday wear.

4) Job – In some jobs, it may be unpractical or unsafe to wear a wedding ring.

to help you think outside of the ring box
22 Ring Exchange Alternatives

If you are considering thinking outside of the ring box then one of the following ring exchange alternatives could be what you are looking for.

something different from

  1.  Tattoos
  2.  Matching necklaces
  3.  Engraved wallet cards
  4.  Horseshoes
  5.  Gift a star
  6.  Your special moments together in photo albums
  7.  Sponsor a child
  8.  Commission a sculpture or portrait
  9.  Engraved wine glasses
  10.  Bottle of meaning full wine
  11.  Pillowcases
  12.  Engraved pens
  13.  Flower Crowns
  14.  Gemstones
  15.  Paintings or drawings
  16.  Sponsor an animal
  17.  Get a pet
  18.  Dreamcatchers
  19.  Matching phone cases
  20.  Puzzle piece keychains
  21.  Locks
  22.  Wedding ritual
Wedding Ritual

Doing a wedding ritual can be another great alternative to exchanging rings. There are so many choices of different rituals you can choose from or you can create your own.

Check out my wedding rituals blog if you are after some ideas.

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