Ring Warming Ceremony

Ring warming ceremony

Incorporating a ring warming ceremony into your wedding is such a special way to involve all of your guests in your ceremony. A ring warming is when you give your loved ones the opportunity to hold and imbue your wedding bands with a wish, blessing, or prayer for your marriage. 

By the time your rings make it onto your fingers, they will be saturated with the love of your friends and family. 

With a ring warming, everyone will be welcome to take a moment to bring their own beliefs into your ceremony in a private but meaningful way.

4 ways to include a ring warming ceremony.

1) You can pass the rings around throughout the ceremony and have your ring chaperone(s) keep an eye on things to make sure the rings are moving along and will be ready when it is time. This could be done by simply tying the rings together or using a little dish.

2) You could run a string or ribbon down the rows of seats, then as part of your ceremony, you can have someone introduce the ring warming and start the rings on their voyage through your sea of guests.

3) For a larger guest list you may want to have everyone “warm” your rings as they arrive before they take their seat.

4) You could also invite your parents and wedding party to warm the rings before you exchange them.

ring warming ceremony
ring warming ceremony
ring warming ceremony
A variation on a ring warming ceremony.
How the blessing of the ring ceremony works.

For the blessing of the rings element of the ceremony, I would pray or say a blessing over the rings. I could also speak of the symbolism and meaning of the rings, such as how the rings are an outward sign of the couple’s commitment to one another. The unending circle of a ring symbolises faithfulness and love without end.

Ring blessing ceremony

The ring blessing ceremony is an important part of the wedding ritual in which the visible symbol of the pledges made between the couple are presented and the symbolism explained.

The ring blessing ceremony can invoke a specific deity and religious tradition or can be entirely secular and humanist with the blessing flowing forth from the couple and their guests.

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