Renewal Of Vows Ceremony

Renewal of vows is a ceremony for married couples who wish to reaffirm the commitment they made to each other at thier first marriage ceremony.

It is also a ceremony to celebrate the continued love and affection a married couple has for each other that they can renew in front of family and friends as a special event.

A renewal of wedding vows is a non-legal ceremony and so no legal requirements.

Why do couples have a renewal of vows ceremony?

There are a number of reasons why couples choose to have a renewal of vows ceremony. Here are 4 of the most common:

1) Covid changed thier wedding plans

Renewal of vows has become increasingly popular following the pandemic that had many couples having to change their wedding plans. Whether it was because of government restrictions, reduced guest numbers, guests not being able to attend because of lockdowns and border closures, or not being able to get to their destination wedding location. In the end, many couples had to compromise or change thier wedding plans to be able to say their “I do”s during Covid.

Now, these couples are looking at a renewal of vows ceremony to have the wedding that they originally planned but never got to have.

2) To celebrate a milestone anniversary

A renewal of vows ceremony is especially popular on milestone anniversaries. Popular wedding anniversary dates for a renewal of wedding vows ceremony are the 25th and 50th. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your love for each other on any other anniversary date. You may like to celebrate after 5 years or 10 years.  You may love the feeling you had when you first exchanged vows and choose to do it again every year. It is totally up to you and what you have the budget for.

3) To renew commitment after a difficult time in the relationship

During a marriage, there will be times of sadness and disagreements. Sometimes sadly it may even lead to a separation. If this couple gets through a difficult time and finds their way back to the marriage with more love and renewed strength, then a renewal of vows ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate.

4) To have a wedding that was never had.

Weddings can be an expensive affair and when you first said you’re “I do”s you may not have been able to afford the wedding you dreamed of. So a renewal of vows ceremony could be your chance to do it again, this time with all the bells and whistles you want.

What should you include in the renewal of vows ceremony?

What you include in your renewal of vows ceremony is totally up to you.

You may want to have the ceremony exactly as you had it when you were first married, without the legal sections. Or you may want to write a whole new ceremony detailing your current love story.

You may want to use the original vows you wrote to each other or write new ones expressing the love, affection, and devotion you feel at this stage of life and marriage. You may want to do a mix of both.

As a renewal of wedding vows is not a legal ceremony you can have it anyway and include anything you like.

Things to consider for your renewal of vows ceremony?

* Date, on an anniversary or special occasion

* The location you want to hold your special event

* Have a celebrant officiate or ask a family or friend

* How do you want the ceremony structured

* Use current rings or get new ones

* Do you wish to exchange special gifts

* Do you want someone special involved in the ceremony eg children

* Who do you want on the guest list

* Do you want to have a party or celebration after the ceremony

Why have a celebrant?

You do not need a celebrant to officiate your renewal of vows ceremony because there are no legal sections. You could ask a family member or friend. However, a wedding celebrant is experienced in writing and performing ceremonies so will be able to help with aspects of the ceremony family or friends may not.

Some couples like the idea and some find it sentimental to ask their original celebrant to officiate the renewal of vows ceremony.

It doesn’t matter what you decide, this is your special event.

If you selected me I would sit with you and discuss your vision and what you are wanting for your renewal of vows ceremony. We would discuss what you want to include and ideas that you may not have considered. The ceremony will be your way of showing continued love and commitment to each other.

If you would like to discuss your renewal of vows ceremony please contact me.

AboutTanya McDonald
It goes without saying that being a marriage celebrant is an honour and a privilege. I have loved weddings and what they represent for as long as I can remember. Since becoming a celebrant I am able to fulfill my passion and at the same time treasure each opportunity I have to work with couples to help them bring their dreams and ideas into life through their ceremonies. I have been a fully authorised marriage celebrant since 2014 and I have helped couples enjoy thier journey to the altar since then. If you need a celebrant, I would love to discuss your ceremony with you.